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NUMEX stands as a DeFi platform tailored for Bitcoin BRC20, serving as a gateway to unleash the potential of your Bitcoin holdings.

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NUMEX Ecosystem

NUMEX offers a diverse range of DeFi opportunities, which encompass:


Discovery and participation in the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) rounds of emerging Stacks projects through its launchpad.

Automated Market Maker

An Automated Market Maker (AMM) Decentralized Exchange (DEX) featuring substantial liquidity.

Staking and Yield Farming

The ability to earn enticing returns by providing liquidity, engaging in NUMX Token staking and yield farming.


Serving as an impartial forum allowing diverse NUMX holders to build consensus on the future direction of the protocol.


Offering tools and resources to educate new users and developers on DeFi generally and NUMEX specifically.

Research Team

Research and development  towards advancing the decentralized financial infrastructure of Web3.


Leverage the NUMEX Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for secure token swaps. Every action you take within the app directly involves your wallet, ensuring that you always retain control of your tokens.

BRC20 Token Supported

Swap NUMX BRC20 Token instantly 


Connect your wallet wth multichains like TRC, BNB, ETH and Matic

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Liquidity Pool

Deposit two tokens into the liquidity pool, which allows you to start earning a portion of the trading fees.


Deposit or withdraw your assets anytime

Stable Earning

Receive stable earnings on every transaction fees.

Start your investment journey with NUMEX

Getting Started

Start your crypto investment journey with Coinexus Decentralized Wallet and NUMEX DApps.



Download  Wallet

Download Coinexus wallet on your mobile. The apps is available on iOS and Android.

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Create Your Wallet

Create your decentralize wallet and safeguard the crucial 12-word recovery phrase.

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Start Investing

You can now explore NUMEX DApps to start your investment journey with all the NUMEX Ecosystem.

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Enhance Your Crypto Investment with NUMEX Ecosystem

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