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What is the NUMEX platform?

NUMEX is a decentralized Web3 platform that fully supports BRC-20 tokens and introduces a governance mechanism through DAO.

How is governance implemented in NUMEX?

NUMEX implements the operation mechanism of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), where DAO members can influence the platform's development direction and decisions through voting and decision-making, which are automatically executed by the BRC-20 network protocol.

What is the BRC-20 standard?

BRC-20 is a token standard based on the Bitcoin blockchain, similar to Ethereum's ERC-20 standard, used for creating and managing tokens.

What are the token issued by NUMEX platform?

Token issued by NUMEX called NUMX Token (NUMX), the total issued amount is 21,000,000.

Does NUMX have a deflationary mechanism?

Yes, NUMX employs a deflationary mechanism where the output quantity decreases every 30 days, creating token value and scarcity over time.

Is there a burning mechanism in token trading?

Yes, for every transaction fees, a portion of NUMX will be burned, it helps to reduce the total token supply. 

What is NUMEX's goal?

NUMEX's goal is to redefine the blockchain world and elevate Bitcoin digital asset management to new heights.

What is the governance model of the NUMEX platform?

The NUMEX platform adopts a DAO governance model, enabling decentralized decision-making and transparent governance mechanisms.

What are the advantages of NUMEX?

NUMEX's advantages include decentralized governance, a robust token system, and an innovative token economic system, driving continuous
platform development and innovation.

How can users participate in the governance process of the NUMEX platform?

Users can participate in governance voting on the NUMEX platform by holding NUMEX tokens, influencing the platform's development direction and decisions.

How does the governance mechanism of NUMEX platform ensure fairness?

The governance mechanism of the NUMEX platform is decentralized, involving token holders in decision-making through voting, ensuring fairness and transparency in decisions. 

How are governance decisions on the NUMEX platform executed?

Governance decisions on NUMEX are automatically executed by the BRC-20 network protocol, ensuring accurate execution and efficiency.

What is the future vision of the NUMEX platform's development?

The future vision of the NUMEX platform is to become a leading decentralized Web3 platform in the blockchain world, driving innovation and development in Bitcoin digital asset management.